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Embroidery Samples


I’ve been working away on my first collection of embroidery patterns for the fall. I have three samples stitched for you to see. I have 3 more in the works. Hopefully, they will be for sale starting August 1.

Pumpkin Trio


Oliver Owl


Apple Tree

Now I just have to figure out how to make my patterns and instructions into a PDF. If anyone can offer some tips, please e-mail me.

Happy Sewing!


Hello, Stranger


I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post. So much has been happening around here. First, Gigi came and spent 9 days with us. We took her all over the place and wore ourselves out. After a few days of recovery, sickness hit out house. Mr. Penguin was sick with a cold for about a week and then I had a fierce allergy attack. Lil Penguin remained healthy and was great company for us sickies.

 After all that I got busy on Christmas presents and then I had to start planning for my first solo Thanksgiving. So I have for you some pictures of what I have been working on. Enjoy!

Santa Birds Mug rug I made for the swap


Olivia the Owl ornament


Mini Quilt Christmas ornament


Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Mini Log cabin blocks that is the start of a gift


 Blocks made from Magic pattern


Sweetie bird apron for a special little girl


 Flurry quilt layout


 I hope you enjoyed looking at what I’ve been busy working on. I know some of my photos aren’t great (I took them with my cell) but you get the idea.