W.I.P Wednesday 2.6


I finally got to catch up on some projects this week.  I even dug into my U.F.O basket!!! So here’s what I accomplished……


Lil Penguin’s winter scarf

From my U.F.O basket:

Sam Kay Designs

Lil Penguin was so thrilled to finally get his Thomas pillowcase. It was so easy to put together that I decided to make myself a couple new pillowcases with fabric from my stash.

Here’s a craft project that we made this week.

Sam Kay Designs


Lil Penguin and I created this picture frame using scraps from my bin. He picked out his favorite bits and we Mod Podged them to the frame.


In progress:

Quilts for Kids cupcake quilt- I have almost completed the quilt top. I just have to do the outer border and then I’m ready to sandwich!

New Knitting Project

Since I finished the scarf, I decided to start on a new pattern. I haven’t knitted anything but scarves, so I decided to try something different. I found a cute pattern for a little bag. It’s so simple that I’m about halfway done with the knitting bit already!

On the back burner:

Flurry Quilt
Orchard Path Pouch
Farmer’s Wife blocks
Americana BOM quilt

This week’s stats:
Completed projects – 5
New projects -5
Currently in progress -2

How has your week been going?


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