Mosaic Magic


I have finally made my first mosaic! I had previously shied away from making them because I was afraid that they would be very time-consuming. I found the process of making them quick and easy, but finding your favorite projects takes time.

I made this mosaic for the Modern She Made Swap. I recently joined and can’t wait for Round 2 to begin!

1. STUD swap jan ’10, 2. Pretty Little Pouch– RECEIVED!!!, 3. DQS11 Angel Quilt #2, 4. potholders, 5. FTLOS Swap – Received 5, 6. Doily Quilt, 7. A Walk in My Woods, 8. Pillow for Grandma, 9. Red Pot Holder, 10. PTS7 all finished!, 11. Modern Mini Contest at Ellison Lane Quilts, 12. aqua & red Dresden pillow cover, 13. poppy MAQ, 14. riley blake contest quilt 002, 15. riley blake contest holly potty 015, 16. darla quilt 001

I enjoyed the process so much that I made a second mosaic. This one is for the RATZ Swap. We’re making needlebooks and sign ups just started.

1. Ruby needlebook, 2. vintage doily needlebook , 3. autumn tree needlebook (full view), 4. Received from Deanna (Principiessa), 5. Sunflower Sally Needlebook, 6. needle book, 7. close up of tiny patchwork needle book, 8. needlebook, 9. Vintage Style Needle Book, 10. Needlebook, 11. Needlebook, 12. Pretty lil needlebook

I can’t wait to get started. I don’t know if I’m more excited to create a needlebook or to receive one! Maybe I’ll start a practice one…..


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