Top 10 Sewing Tips and Winners


Well, Give Away Week is officially over! I had a lot of great comments for my quest of best sewing tips. I have read all the comments and will now reveal my favorites.

Top 10 Sewing Tips

1. When sewing anything clothes-wise I just always cut out the pieces with   my pinking shears. It saves me zig zag sewing time and helps prevent fraying while storing, sewing and handling. ~Jeifner

2. Enjoy the process, not just the product. And cut precisely – it will save time in the long run! ~ Becky

3. Always check your 1/4″ seam before starting anything major involving lots of tiny pieces. You’ll be so grateful you did, especially if you are a little off, then write it down somewhere so you don’t forget. ~Anita

4. If your slippery fabrics are being icky under your foot, stitch with paper on top and/or bottom. The paper comes off easy, and you get fewer catches in the delicate weave of the fabric. ~Alyssa

5. If you’re not making a quilt exactly from a pattern (i.e., with the same fabrics and everything), lay it out between cutting and sewing and take a picture of it! I’ve referred to my camera several times … “where was this red going?” ~Marguerite
6. The best tip I’ve ever received is to use a rotary cutter to cut garment patterns. ~Stephanie

7. I always trace the pattern pieces onto freezer paper. I then iron the pieces onto my fabric and cut the fabric around the freezer paper. The pattern peels off, leaving no residue, and is reusable. No pins and super accurate. ~Desiree

8. Don’t ever sew when you’re too tired to do the math! I make so many mistakes late at night! ~Christina

9. My best advice is that of good carpenters: measure twice, cut once…! ~Susie

 10. Best paper piecing tip = use painters tape instead of pins. The pins distort small pieces of fabric. ~Bailey

And now for the winners…

Prize 1 Winner:

Funky Log Cabin Pincushion

                                           is #12 Bethany! Congratulations!!! 

Prize 2 Winner:

                                                is #68 Julia! Congratulations!

Prize 3 Winner:

                                                is #152 kimr! Congratulations!

Prize 4 Winner:

Ora Owl Onesie


Olivia Owl Onesie

                                            is #99 Linda! Congratulations!!

Prize 5 Winner: The Scrap Bag

is #88 jeannegwin! Congratulations!!

Prize 6 Winner:

Hedgie Has a Heart

                                     is #10 blazeandcrochet ! Congratulations!!

I will be e-mailing all winners to get your addresses. If I don’t get a response, a new winner will be chosen. Thanks to everyone who entered. If your really loved any of these prizes (and didn’t win) all of them are for sale in my shop. Use code: GIVEAWAY to get 10% off your order through the 31st of May !


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10 Things about me 1. I am a child of God. 2. I'm a wife and mother. 3. I homeschool my child. 4. I carry a notebook everywhere to write down or draw my ideas. 5. I have too many hobbies. 6. Creating things fills me with purpose. 7. I start more projects than I finish. 8. I love fabric. 9. I love all things retro, vintage and kitchy. 10. I drink a cup of hot tea everyday.

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