Updated: Rise Up for FREEDOM


Did you know that more than 27 million people are living in slavery right now? Did you know that there are more people in slavery right now than there ever have been before? Those statistics take my breath away.

I have spent several days watching the Passion 2012 Conference online. I thank them for opening my eyes to the reality of human trafficking. 

One of the speakers, Justin Dillon, spoke about his site SlaveryFootprint.org. He asked us to visit his site and see how many slaves work for us. The reality that most of the products we buy have been made by slave labor is a bitter pill to swallow. He  reminded me that “the world has been shaped by consumers saying I want this or I want that.” We have a say and we need to tell companies that we will NOT buy products made by slaves.

I urge you to visit Passion’s site  and A21 Campaign. See the stories of those enslaved. See for yourself what is happening and what can be done. 

 I want to help and I hope you do, too. 10% of every purchase from Sam Kay Designs will be donated to help end human trafficking. Visit my shop and please tell your friends. If I don’t have something you want to buy, please e-mail me for a custom listing. If you donate to my blog, 10% of all donations will go to help end human trafficking, as well.

 This will not continue on my watch. Let’s give a voice to the voiceless.

We can not win this battle without you. Raise your white flag for FREEDOM!

Please share this post with everyone you know.

* Picture from Call + Response website


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