Monthly Archives: December 2011

2011 Accomplishments


I’ve been reflecting on this past year and all that I’ve accomplished. I made great strides in my quest to be more proficient at household things. This year I have made strides in the kitchen, the sewing & craft room and around the house.

In the Kitchen I made:

  • my own strawberry jam and canned it
  •  applesauce
  • roasted pie pumpkins and made puree. I used the puree to make pumpkin pie and pumpkin scones.
  • I roasted my first chicken and turkey.
  • pasta sauce from scratch
  •  my own pizza dough
  •  pasta from scratch

In the Sewing & Craft room I made:

  • my first mug rug
  • baby bib
  • crayon roll up and knitting needle roll up
  • reversible fabric headbands
  • yarn wreath with felt flowers
  • quilted tote bag
  • envelope back pillow covers
  • coffee cup cozy
  • mini quilt ornaments
  • 6.5″ blocks

Around the House and beyond:

I made my own hand soap and dish detergent.

I entered my art work into two gallery shows.

I read 56 books.

I feel like I have grown and learned a lot this year. What are some of your accomplishments? I really think it’s important to look back and see what you did that makes you proud.