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Mug Rug Swap


So I made my first mug rug a few months ago and I became hooked. I love how quickly they come together and you came make them simple or complex. So naturally, I joined a Mug Rug Swap on Flickr. This is my first swap ever! Last night I received my package.  This mug rug is so adorable and I can’t wait to use it.       Don’t you just love the ice skating elves?

She was kind enough to include a special package for Lil Penguin. He was so overjoyed to get a present, too. He was so excited, he just couldn’t stop talking about all his goodies.

I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my partner. Look at all these goodies!

My partner made my first swap amazing. Show her some love on her blog Sew How’s This?

I’ll be sharing my mug rug details tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Green Smoothie Week 2


So this is the second week of daily smoothies and more raw foods. I am feeling more energy and my skin  has a nice glow to it.  So far I haven’t been having as many muscle spasms and I only had one really rough day. I’m still struggling to eat more raw foods, tough. I’m trying to get creative and I checked out some books from the library. Last night I was eating a red pepper (cut into strips) and hummus. Lil Penguin said it looked like I was eating pepper fries. I asked him if he wanted to taste them and he looked at me like I was crazy.

This week’s goals:

Reduce sugar
Reduce dairy
Eat raw for 2 meals a day

Smoothie Recipe:

1 cup of romaine lettuce
1 apple
1 pear
1 banana
1.5 cups water

I was able to get Lil Penguin to drink this by adding a little apple cider. I served it in an enclosed cup with an opaque straw so he couldn’t see the green! He also drank last week’s recipe.

Green Smoothie Challenge


Green Smoothie Revolution - A Radical Leap Toward Natural Health by Victoria Boutenko

I have Fibromyalgia. I don’t know how long I’ve had it, but I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2001. CFS is often attributed to Fibromyaglia. My symptoms have fluctuated over the years, from mild to bad. Last year I was having severe symptoms a couple of times a week and could barely function. My doctor discovered my Vitamin D was low and gave me a prescription. Vitamin D made a huge difference. I had more energy and only had bad days once a week or two.  But now, a year later, my symptoms are creeping back in. I’m tired and run down. My energy is low overall and it makes me depressed. I’m having a lot of muscles spasms and soreness. I’m waking up stiff and sometimes dizzy. Basically, I’m a mess. So I started researching what I could do.

My research led me to raw foods, juices and smoothies. I found a book called Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko. Her book is fantastic and has a ton of recipes. She suggests that you drink at least one green smoothie a day. I decided to take on the challenge. I plan to drink at least one green smoothie a day and I plan to drink at least one vegetable juice a day. I am hoping that all these live enzymes, vitamins and minerals will reduce my Fibromyalgia symptoms. I’ll post weekly updates of my progress.

Today my green smoothie was:

2 cups frozen blueberries
1 banana
1 cup water
1 cup of kale

Blend up and  sprinkled it with cinnamon.

My veggie juice was:

1 beet
3 carrots
1 green apple
1 inch piece of peeled ginger

Juice and sprinkled it with cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg.

I noticed that I felt less run down this morning after starting the day with veggie juice.  I had celery sticks and peanut butter as a snack, and the smoothie for lunch. So far I have better energy, but I still feel tired. 

Are you up for the green smoothie challenge?