State Fair


Last weekend we visited The Great New York State Fair for the first time. They had a variety of exhibits and it was really fun and educational. When we arrived, Lil Penguin said all he wanted was some cotton candy and a ride on the Ferris Wheel.  So after we found him some cotton candy, we proceeded to visit some exhibits. Here’s some of the highlights:

They had a great train exhibit. There were passenger cars and a caboose you could actually go in, as well as several engines. They had the front of a bullet train for them to “drive”.  Lil Penguin took one look at the bullet train and said,” I’m totally playing with that!”

                             He told me his train was headed to Tokyo.

We also enjoyed some 25 cent ice cream from the Pride of New York area.             Lil Penguin enjoyed his vanilla with cotton candy sprinkles!

We ended the trip with a ride on the Ferris Wheel. Lil Penguin loved the view and we loved that we got to ride for free!


About Samantha

10 Things about me 1. I am a child of God. 2. I'm a wife and mother. 3. I homeschool my child. 4. I carry a notebook everywhere to write down or draw my ideas. 5. I have too many hobbies. 6. Creating things fills me with purpose. 7. I start more projects than I finish. 8. I love fabric. 9. I love all things retro, vintage and kitchy. 10. I drink a cup of hot tea everyday.

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