Dessert Recipes from The Help


I loved this book so much that I couldn’t put it down!  One of the many things discussed in the book is recipes. After reading about all that tasty food, I was very disappointed to discover no recipes were included. I think if you read about the same foods over and over again, there should be a recipe! So I searched and found some of the key dessert recipes from the book! I hope y’all are hungry!

Minny’s Caramel Cake

Kathryn Stockett’s original source for this cake is her own maid, Demetrie. Her recipe is in The Junior League of Memphis Cookbook. Scrumpdillyicious posted the recipe and has some great photos.


Minny’s Chocolate Pie (sans her secret ingredient)

Kathryn Stockett provides Demetrie’s recipe at Book Club Cookbook. Picture is from Scrumpdillyicious.


Minny’s Mississippi Pecan Pie

Visit The Ladies in Waiting Book Club for this wonderful recipe.


Mae Mobley’s Strawberry Birthday Cake

It was hard to find a recipe that didn’t feature boxed cake mix and jello! I found this one on Confections of a Foodie Bride and it looks amazing.

Which one do you want to make first? It is so hard to choose!


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